Anxiety Depression and how I cured it.

Published: 01st September 2006
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For many years, I suffered from anxiety depression. I tried everything, from psychoanalysis to medications but nothing really worked. Some things helped for a little while to relief my anxiety, but eventually it would always come back.

One day I was feeling particularly down, I saw a friend coming towards me on the road. We said hello and he told me about somebody he met in the pub the night before. He said she was a very happy, radiant and relaxed person. I felt a little pang of jealousy because with my anxiety depression this was exactly the opposite of myself. He said that her secret was Vipassana meditation. I had never heard of this type of meditation, but my friend gave me the website address. He said it was a great way for treating anxiety so the same evening I was on the internet and had booked for a course.

The course was great and I felt better than I had felt for many years. But coming home into the stress of everyday life was a different matter. Soon my anxiety attacks were back again. I tried meditation but as soon as I closed my eyes all the problems of the day came flooding back to me so it was impossible to meditate. After many years of meditation and many courses and moving away from my old life, my anxiety depression has disappeared, but it has taken a long time and a lot of effort. I am certain however that my anxiety will never come back. Vipassana really is an excellent anxiety depression treatment method. But it comes with a cost of time and effort, not something that many people can afford.

Luckily, if it is just anxiety depression you wish to cure, then there are other methods. I wish I had known about them back then but I did not. Vipassana is a very involved spiritual path and although it helped me well, you need to be certain that this is the path you wish to travel. It has many more benefits than just curing anxiety and stress.

There are other methods which will help cure anxiety depression effectively. One especially I found very good and it is especially designed for people with a lot of stress in their lives, which is usually the cause of anxiety depression. So rest assured, there are effective methods to control stress and get rid of anxiety depression without going the path that I have gone. But if you wish to know more about Vipassana meditation, I will be happy to share my experiences with you.

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